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Pedicure Services

Pedicure Services

Classic Pedicure (5 mins Massage)

Relieve your tensions by relaxing in a massage chair while your feet are given a warm bath, followed by the basic foot core, nail shaping and cleansing cuticles. Massage included with lotion warm hot towel wrap, Finished off with polish

Signature SPA Pedicure (9 mins Massage)

(4 mins sea salt + 5 mins lotion massage)

Soak your feet in a worm spa pedicure aromatic salt bath to soften up your feet, we will trim your toes and cuticles to groom your needs. Next a choice of Lavender & Orange Seasolt & massage the mask will be applied while being wrapped with a hot towel. Finish off with polish.

CiCi Spa Pedicure (12 mins Massage)

(5 mins sea salt and 7 mins oil lotion massage)

Indulge your feet in our worm spa pedicure aromatic sea salt both to soften your feet up, we will cut file and shape your toes to tome your cuticles, and callous remover will be applied to the rough dry area of your skin as well. Choice of mik&honey, cucumber and green tea, sea salt with orange slice massage then massage with oil lotion and pure paraffin. Moonlight mask is applied and wrapped with a hot towel to set off this moisturizing pedicure for ultimate hydration.

*Special offer for this pedicure only comes with gel polish $60.

Hot Stone Pedicure (16 mins Massage)

(5 mins sea salt + 11mins hot stone oil/lotion massage)

Whether you just want to relax or have smooth feet, this pedicure will do the trick! Feet are soaked in our refreshment bath to soften your cuticles and toes will be filed and shaped, cuticles will be groomed & callus remover is applied to soften. A choice of row-earth, tropical, citrus, milk and honey.

Our green tea sea salt with orange slices will buff away dead skin cells leaving behind a soft and supple texture. Included foot massage with oil hot stone and a mask to moisturize & leave your skin extra smooth, your feet will be wrapped in a hot towel with ultra-hydrating paraffin will conclude this very relaxing pedicure.

Gentlemen Pedicure (16 mins Massage)

(5 mins sugar scrub orange slices & 11 mins oil/lotion, hot stone massage)

The soothing aroma will help awaken your senses, this will be included with callus removal, crystal scrub exfoliation, mud mask and a worm hot towel plus a paraffin treatment or hot stone massage. A message will be the final touch to boost radiance and buff to shine your toes. Your choice of any aromatic flavor. Milk and honey, lavender, cucumber, green tea and tropical.

Champagne & Rose Pedicure

21 min massage (6 min sea salt 15 min oil/lotion, hot stone massage)

An experience you've never had before the work of this pedicure is to reduce the inflammation & slow the oxidation processes that cause! the skin to age prematurely. First, your feet will be sooked in a worm peppermint followed by champagne & rose sugar with added orange slices to accommodate your pedicure. Glow to sweep out some of your unwanted dry skin!

A hot stone massage with champagne & rose crème. Let us finish off your retreat with a warm paraffin wax leaving the best moisture and soothing skin for your feet.

Organic Bubble Volcano Pedicure

You've never experienced a pedicure like this before detox crystals and o volcano activator combined to create a fun bubble explosion. This luxury pedicure's genuine sugar crystals will give this product a great scrub ability Collagen mask and creamy massage lotion mode with organic-based ingredients. Mask will be applied and wrapped within a hot towel and paraffin wax

- Detox volcano crystals.

- Detox volcano activator.

- Exfoliating sugar scrubs.

- Collagen organic cream mask.

- Collagen mine organic massage lotion.

Artificial Nails

Artificial Nails

Solar Full Set
Pink Refill
French/American Tip Full Set
Pink and White Refill
Shellac Full Set
Shellac Refill
Color Powder Set
Color Powder Refill
Glitter Full Set
Glitter Refill
Ombré Full Set
Ombré Refill
Toes Full Set
Toes Refill
Gel X
Shellac Gel

Shellac Gel

Shellac Gel Manicure
Shellac French Manicure
Shellac Color Change Hand/Toes
Shellac Color Change Take Off
Shellac French Color Change Hand/Toes
Shellac French Color Change Take Off
Shellac + Add Ons / Manicure & Pedicure
Dip Powder

Dip Powder

Dip Powder Color
Dip Powder with Tip
Dip French
Dip French with Tip
Waxing Services

Waxing Services

Side Burns
Whole Face
Under Arm
Half Legs
Half Arm
Full Legs
Full Arms
Upper Back
Eyebrow Tinting
Facial 30 Mins
Facial 50 Mins
Eyelash Extension
Eyelash Refill
Eyelash Flare
Kid Services

Kid Services

(Age of 10 & below)
Exclusive Teen Pedicure
Exclusive Teen Manicure
Hand/Toes Polish Change


Nail Designs
Polish Change Hand
Polish Change Toes
Hand Polish Change (French/American)
Toes Polish Change (French/American)
2 Big Toes
Nails Acrylic Removal
Nail Removal with Manicure
French Add On (Manicure/Pedicure)
Coffin Shape
Almond Shape
Paradise Wax Hand/Toes
Extra 10 mins Massage
Manicure Services

Manicure Services

Classic Manicure
Lavender Manicure
CiCi Bar Manicure
Hot Stone Manicure
The Orange Manicure
Complimentary Beverages

Complimentary Beverages

*must show the valid ID of 21+*
Alcoholic Drinks

*limited to 2 per customer*

White wine, red wine, sangria, champagne, malibu and margarita.

Non Alcoholic Drinks

Diet coke/coke, Dr. Pepper, sprite, water, Vietnamese hot tea/hot coffee.